Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow!

by Christine Fitzgerald

Sometime if this winter you go
Abroad to see the falling snow -
You will find to your surprise
That a trillion flakes will greet your eyes.

Swirling, dancing in the day,
Who could make them quite this way?
Each one new, six sides on all,
Each reflects light as they fall.

No two ever found alike
With lace and rays and sculptured spike.
Here one moment, then they melt,
But what a silent scene is felt!

Discern in those dear tiny flakes
The face of God who nature makes
To please His children and show His love
To all the world from heaven above.

Fact: No two snowflakes are alike! Snow crystals shown are photos of real snowflakes. Find out how these beauties are captured by going to SnowCrystals.

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