Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Stone(ng) Age?

As late, I have read many articles that have really touched me, all being honest and thought-provoking. I would label them cautions - cautions as to the use of words - our words!

In the last few weeks, I have heard horrible things said about people and their situations. So many assumptions made, and with each assumption has come justification. Unfortunately, there's way too much ugliness in our world - way too much - and we, as God's people, must be careful not to add to it. We need to guard our lips from bringing forth hurtful, hateful words. Remember our words set the climate for our self-worth - and we are not worth much if we speak unkindness and falsehoods (i.e., the nice word for lies).

My poem sums up my feelings today, although I wrote it years ago (in 1993) when my family was the target of a verbal attack after our oldest son died. To tell you the truth, the persons might as well lined us up and stoned us to death because the untruths in their words brought great hurt and pain. Sadly, they believed that who they were and the positions they held actually made their words truths - each wearing robes of righteousness, faithfully attending service, giving freely of their first fruits, and being actively involved in the church - but all the time in what they thought wisdom was actually acts of foolishness. Today, I am watching others suffering at the hands of those who are throwing "stones" - and I feel compelled to write this post.

Gather not stones
For stones of hate cannot love

Defeat cannot savor victory
Despair cannot possess joy
Disobedience cannot breed respect
Evil cannot comprehend virtue.

Gather not stones
For your compassion will conquer all

Your accomplishments will reverse failure
Your happiness will heal pain
Your wisdom will subdue folly
Your goodness will merit excellence.

Dear Lord,
May look closely at ourselves, and if we are guilty may we, with Your Help, bridle our tongues so that we wound not another.

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