Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank You to My Examples

The Fairest is a Lady

The fairest of women is a lady, my friend
who warms every heart, charity not to pretend.
One honorably respected by her peers,
integrity’s beauty confirmed through the years.

She is concerned with others’ every need,
tenderly scattering love’s precious seed.
Careful not to take dignity away from a saint,
but setting encouraging words upon each plate.

If I can but possess one-tenth of her stature,
I will forever be grateful in that much to capture.
The fairest one, a lady having given her all,
supremely answering the ministry’s call.

We have just honored Memorial Day military and veterans but now is the time to honor those women who influence our lives so I would like to give honor to whom honor is due.

Many an influence has passed on and I cherish times spent with each of them, and their words of wisdom and godly example. However, many are living - true examples for whom I am eternally grateful. Their ages vary, their locations scattered, and their personalities individual and unique but each has and continues to touch my life with their words genuine concern - while always
faithfully giving, without expecting anything in return. Each one is considered the fairest of ladies.

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