Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lord, Is It?

Judas Iscariot, 1891 German painting

It is Easter time and what better time to reflect on our walk with the Lord. Are we true disciples in the purest sense, or are we as Judas, a face with an impure heart? I pray my poem speaks my heart - because in my living as a "disciple of Christ", I must know more than ever before that I have totally given Him what is most important – MY VERY ALL!!!

Absolutely not!
No, not I,
Never would I the Lord deny!

Definitely a mistake!!
There’s no truth to the claim,
That I would to the Lord bring shame!!

Truly absurd!!!
No, I never could,
Nail the Lord to a gnarled place of wood!!!

Completely false!!?
Why, He’s the center of all my needs,
Even though I don’t answer all His pleads!!?

You don’t make sense!?
You’ve unquestionably lost all reason,
I plan on giving Him my all in proper season!?

No, surely not?
Could I ever deny?
Oh no, dear Lord, truly is it I? 
- K.J.Hopper

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