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A Tale of the Talebearers

I love fairy tales. Yes, I know they aren't true but there is something about the stories that make one connect them to real life. (Probably being an only child prompted my thinking this way). Well, I got to thinking (again) of what it would be like to read a modern-day tale, so thought I'd try my hand at writing one. Remember it won't be magical like the oldies (unfortunately we don't have much "magic" going on nowadays).
The Five Stepsisters
A Tale of the Talebearers
according to Karen Hopper

Once upon a time, there were five horribly insensitive stepsisters who regularly attended a church where the Spirit of God desired to freely move in the midst of its people. These sisters didn't seem to relish being in His presence and focused more on their own agenda, being carried away by jealousy and merciless tale bearing; therefore they found fault in the people whose only desire was to serve the King as best they could.

Due to the idleness of these sisters’ days, and the time spent on the telephone (yes, in this story there is a phone; remember this is a modern-day tale), the sisters and their “birds of a feather” friends’ imaginations would conjure up fabricated stories on the unsuspecting. It is said that they did it in order to blind themselves of their shortcomings. Unfortunately, these treacherous ones would visit with one another on a regular, almost daily, basis – looking to find the slightest thing that would allow the thought of something bad or unseemly. Even the littlest thing would turn into a tidbit that would allow them to go about their tattle-bearing and backbiting ways. In many circles, it was called gossip.

Fortunately, the Lord’s people were able to distinguish the marks of these tale bearing sisters, and distanced themselves. Just in case you aren't aware: What were the distinctive marks labeling these five?

One sister had Big Eyes, which allowed her to search around looking for possible flaws in others, and then magnify each into a major offense against an unsuspecting soul. (It was usually her flaw but she couldn't see it, and would pass it on hoping that it would be moved from her so not to have to deal with it.)

Another sister was known for her Big Ears - ears to hear vile words that acted as a destroyer of a soul; never considering that what she heard may not be true but relishing it as a truth anyway. (And what if it was truth, should judgment be made by mortals under any circumstances? Isn't there only one designated to judge?)

Sister #3 had a Big Mouth to spread untruths, spewing out hateful words while pretending to be genuinely concerned about someone’s salvation and well being. (Wouldn't you think genuine concern would get Big Mouth on her knees to ask God to help that person who's struggling?)

Then there was Big Feet who always ran around spreading malicious tones as quickly as possible. Time reporting was always of the essence. God forbid that she would allow juicy gossip to get cold (Talebearer's motto: Be the first to report the fragility of another whether it be true or false.)

And never could the four other sisters have survived without their elder sister, Cold Heart. She was the kindred spirit that held them together through it all, and she was the one that they needed most. CH served as their leader well, and a reflection of the condition of her soul and that of her sisters.

Life continued on. Each day, the five went about their business, never desiring anything more than affix themselves on others impurities, or thought-to-be impurities. Never once did they feel what they were saying was wrong, always feeling justified in proclaiming the inadequacies in others. Poor stepsisters! They continued to toil at tattling, tale bearing, deceiving, backbiting and lying until it was their time to have presence with the King. Excitedly, they received invitation to go to the Kingdom, where they expected to be rewarded for the labors they had amassed. Why, they had cleaned up the messes that the pastors hadn't taken care of. My, how could a Man of God be so blinded not to know the shortcomings of so many, the sisters thought. It was their duty to take care of the business at hand and do what they did best. The King would be proud of them, giving them honor.

The day came when the sisters entered into the presence of the King - and each was rewarded according to their deeds - living UNHAPPILY ever after in a place reserved for their kind.

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Anonymous said...

Very well written, Sis, Hopper. I am going to be honest with you. I don't think I know who these step-sisters are. I have in the past, but not now. Hmmm...perhaps it's because I have chosen not to know them? ;-)