Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bitter Fruit or Golden Apples?

"Probably the saddest scenario is that of the person who believes because they aren’t a partaker of extreme adversity, trials and tribulations they are doing everything right. That’s not true!...there are those designated to suffer more than others, to carry heavier loads, and to bear excessive heartache. It is the path allotted to them not because they need to be suppressed to make it all the way to Heaven, or that they've been disobedient. It is just their path through life’s garden. And if pain and suffering aren’t and haven’t been your lot in life, praise and thank a merciful God who is not requiring you to walk the valley of despair, see the hurt in loved ones’ eyes, and weep bitter tears..." - an excerpt by me from my book, Without A Hedge, Chapter 9, Bitter Fruit or Golden Apples.

Some days when I hear, read or see certain things people say, write or do my heart sinks. Where's the compassion, the understanding and the realization that life is different for each one of us? Those hurting aren't bad or evil and need a whipping to get in line - they were selected to take a different path than you. Well, I've vented so I'll return to my life's path - for it is an amazing road, traveled with an amazing God.

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