Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Survival of Life's Storms

Today, I am a proud Nana sharing a poem written by my 13-year old granddaughter, Madison. She wrote it for a class at school. The poem connects life through the survival of a natural storm and that of the survival of cancer.

Flowers in a Summer Storm
by Madison Hopper

Flowers sway,
Side to side,
To and fro,
Gently with a summer breeze.

Flowers dance,
To the beat of the drums,
To the beat of the thunder.
The wind howls and hisses,
A storm is approaching.

Flowers fight,
The wind pushing them,
Pushing them to a breaking point.
A streak of lightning zips through the sky,
Striking a weeping willow.

Flowers become weak,
Unable to withstand the harsh conditions.
The wind laughs,
The storm fortifies.

Flowers grow feeble,
Not able to decide their own fate.
Some give and break,
Others are determined,
Yet are barely able to endure the storm.

Flowers survive,
Though frail.
The deadly storm passes,
Taking some,
Yet feeling defeated.

Flowers mend,
Growing stronger by the day.
Trying to heal, Beating the odds.
Returning to normal,
Yet being stronger,
And more beautiful with the experience.

Flowers sway,
Side to side,
To and fro,
Gently with a summer breeze.


The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook said...

Great poem!! I know you're a proud Grandma!! :o)

Gayla said...

It seems as though Grandma has passed on her talent. Awesome poem, Madison!

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome job! Some people really are gifted with words.


Carol Connell said...

Kudos to Madison! She did a great job on this poem. I expect there will probably be more from her in the future.

DeadMule said...