Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Our Angel

Zoe Claire, a gift from God
September 10, 1995 - February 13, 1996

An angel paid me a visit in the midst of my years,
releasing all skepticism, taking away all my tears.

My angel spoke not a word, but delivered great peace,
unpleasant entanglements from my soul did release.

Twinkling eyes flashing to reveal wondrous glory,
beautiful expressions giving way to heaven's story.

A cherubic creation causing in my life quite a stir,
mending a broken spirit, bringing rapture's allure.

My angel was wrapped in the cloth of royal design,
with gossamer wings, captivating this heart of mine.

My angel now gone, taken flight to a faraway land,
but I'll join this beauty someday, for that is my plan.

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