Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 30, 1976

September 30, 1976, at 7:57 a.m., was when our family’s world would forever be changed. Tomorrow will mark the 36th year since my husband's near-tragic automobile accident which left our family on the break of despair. Doctors gave him no hope of ever walking again but God had a different plan and exercised His right at Senior Camp 1977 in Bethel in the Hills when a group of young people desiring to see miracles like those in the New Testament reached out in prayer and fasting, and through their faith on the next to last night of camp, my husband came up out of his wheelchair and walked to the front of the sanctuary. It was "a reflection of the miracle given to a family who'd walked in the valley and a group of young people who'd sacrificed on the mountain!" To God Be the Glory!!!

You can read the whole story in my book, Without A Hedge. It is a story of the ups, downs, and crossing of one family...pre-Jesus and after we accepted His wonderful Truth.

Pictures are of Gene's brand new company vehicle, a 1977 Chevrolet pickup, only eight days old, which sold for $40 scrap metal.

Engine compartment


Kathy McElhaney said...

I remember this so well. I was too young for Senior Camp, but I'll never forget when Kim called to tell us what God had done!
Love you and your family.

Karen Hopper said...

We love you too Kathy!