Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Heart

Resolutions for the New Year are swirling through my head. For me, it is important to make sure that my resolutions count and will be followed. Don't want to hurriedly make ones that will drop by the wayside in a few weeks. My resolutions need to center on improving my heart to see life as it really should be seen, through God's heart.

Lord, please give Me a Heart to See
▸ a light in the darkness
▸ laughter from deep within an anguished cry
▸ a smile upon a face blanketed by a frown
▸ innocence upon the sheets of evil doing
▸ a twinkle in the eyes of blindness
▸ genuine prayer kneeling before an atheistic altar
▸ truth’s cancellation of deceit’s documents
▸ exquisite packages wrapped in newsprint and tied with string
▸ You Lord, even when my faith wavers and the way is rough

Please Lord, in 2013, give Me a HEART that sees the Desires of Your Heart.

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