Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have friends in overalls
whose friendship I would not swap
for the favor of the kings of the world
- Thomas A. Edison

I realize this picture is a little...well, unusual? unique? or (perhaps to you) disgusting? I'll let you decide; however, it will prove my point. Genuine friends are seldom wrapped in beautiful packages but are what most would call, common folk. These friends are in our lives for the long haul - encouraging us, loving us (no matter the circumstances), and ready to carry us in our darkest trials. If you wish, you can prefer the friends in royal attire that are flashy and splashy but I prefer the friends who wear blue denim. Must clarify that I do have one friend that wears royalty. He is someone one that we all should call "Friend".

Walk With Me, My Friend
by K.J. Hoppee

Come walk with me, my friend

As we journey down friendship's lane

Basking in the delights of today's triumphs

Vowing to stand firmly in tomorrow's defeats.

Let laughter guide our way, my friend

Knowing that we have each other

Though storm clouds gather in the distance

Our confidence and trust need not waiver.

Always smile through the tears, my friend

For pain diminishes as we walk side by side

Whether journeying through the lowly valley

Or scaling the mountain to its majestic crest.

Hurdle past each obstacle, my friend

For in many of life's circumstances

Happiness is not found in abundance but quality

May our faith continually soar with eagles.

Choose wisely who you travel with, my friend

Walk with someone who expects nothing in return

Who has words of comfort without speaking

Genuinely seek such a friend, and you will find Him.


Just a thought said...

I fell very blessed and happy. The reason, I still have contact as well as meeting often five or six men. These men and I have been friends sence out teenage years. We still sit and talk, laugh, cry and share a funny story over a cup of coffee.

May the face of our God shine upon these men;


Kathy McElhaney said...

I don't think any of my friends look like that, but a true friend is one who will overlook your imperfect clothing, along with all your other imperfections, and love you anyway!

Carol Connell said...

I really enjoyed this post, Karen. I'm thankful for all the friends with whom God has blessed me. Blogger friends are cool too. :-)

Debbie Feller said...

Loved this post, poem and picture! :) I can tell your friends are blessed by you! P.S. I used to wear bib overalls in my younger years, and they were so comfortable! ha! Thanks Karen! Deb