Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Pattern of Love

A pattern of thorns placed upon a brow
Unveiling a crown, dignity not to allow.
A pattern of heading up Calvary’s hill
Steep and roughed as to break one’s will.

A pattern of pillage of the mind and flesh
Taunting and mocking to amply enmesh
A pattern of rejection encased on a tree
Gnarled and crooked, no beauty to see.

A pattern of royalty hung between thieves
Seizing a moment of overwhelming griefs
A pattern of nails driven in a pure hand
Revealing the cruelty of the cynical man.

A pattern of blood gushing from a King’s side
Piercing the spirit, humility no room to abide
A pattern of a robe engaged in a game
Soldiers gambling lots, to the owner’s defame.

Then comes a pattern of mercy and grace
Because of Calvary, transgressions to erase
For a pattern of love died for our sins to depart
Devotion designed in our God’s own heart.

A Pattern of Love, written by Karen Hopper


Kathy McElhaney said...

So very thankful for that pattern.

April Renee said...

That is so beautiful! Awesome thought....

Carol Connell said...

What a wonderful poem, Karen! Thank God that the pattern of all that suffering led to mercy ang grace.