Friday, April 23, 2010

What's Best ?

Food labels are supposed to make everything so simple. In theory they should tell us what's in the product, so we can make an informed decision about buying it. However, manufacturers are taking advantage of lifestyle trends and labeling packets of crisps and biscuits as "healthy" thereby misleading shoppers.

Now I must ask, are you being mislead when it comes to God's truths? What type of packaging are you receiving? Is the labeling misleading thus advertising a bit and piece religion as "healthy"? (as Mervi would say, Just a Thought).


Just a thought said...

When it comes to, "truth in religion," we do have a resource to check with. The problem is do YOU / WE / ME take the required time to see what is truth.


Carol Connell said...

If it doesn't line up with the Holy Bible, it's "junk food" that needs to be thrown out.