Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Simple Things

Got to thinking about the Peruvian band that used to play in Union Square in front of Macy's, San Francisco. Their dress was similar to that in the video - their instruments were flutes, small hand-held drums, gourds, and usually a guitar of some kind. I know not all would love this type of music but I can remember when we first moved to the Bay area in 1992, my husband and I would spend hours in Union Square listening to their unique sounds.

Haven't been able to find any Peruvian bands on the streets of the City for years, not even at Fisherman's Wharf where three brothers used to play. For old time's sake, I'd love to sit out among the tall skyscrapers, the bustle of people walking by, the sounds of the cable car bells, feeling the crispest in the air while taking in the serenity and peacefulness of beautiful Peruvian music. True, a simple thing to desire BUT isn't that what life should be all about?

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