Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Checking

From CNN Website:
"In parks and backyards, anywhere a group gathers, the prayers of the Haitians can be heard. Last week, the call-and-response chanting and clapping that accompany those prayers pierced the darkness of night and the pre-dawn hours - sometimes as early as 4 a.m. The singing and praying was particularly intense in Champs de Mars plaza, where hundreds of people have taken refuge. But the scene was repeated throughout the city, with preachers on megaphones exhorting the faithful, who responded with lyrics like 'O Lord, keep me close to you' and 'Forgive me, Jesus.'

Many preachers are telling followers not to lose faith, that God remains with them regardless of what's happened. Most Haitians don't feel abandoned.

'The people don't blame Jesus for all these things. They have faith. They believe that Jesus saved them and are thankful for that...' "

This event has truly affected me more than any other. For as one doctor put it, "The Haitian people are resilient. They continue to crawl out of Hell with a smile."

How would we in America handle such devastation? Would it be with a smile, believing in the mercies of Jesus Christ and trusting Him completely? Would we sing, praise and pray in the streets? Is our faith that strong? When stripped of everything, would we still serve Him - or would we question and complain? (I know that I'm doing some soul searching, checking the strength of my walk with the Lord. Is my walk just "lip service" or is my walk truly a "heart experience"?)


April Renee said...

That IS something to think about...

Kathy McElhaney said...

I have so many memories of my short visit to Haiti. They were the poorest country in the Western hemisphere in 1983 and that is still true today. But the only church service I have ever attended where the worship leader needed a bell to get the people's attention so they would stop singing was in Haiti. They know where their Help comes from.

May we have the resiliency of the Haitians!

Just a thought said...

What has been or is sad to me is that we, the American people, are one if the wealthiest nations of the world. We also proclaim such a great religious demeanor. Is it real or is it just a front? How deep is our commitment to Him? The old song, “take everything, that everything but my Lord?” Do we or can we still lift this melody in worship to Him?
Yes, Karen I to have spent time in deep consideration of all the T O Y S I have been allowed to have. Should they be gone as quickly as Job lost all would I or could I stand with nothing but my integrity?

Just my thought:

Carol Connell said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for this post. You've posed some questions here that anyone who considers himself a Christian should stop and consider.