Thursday, January 21, 2010

Need An Umbrella?

Into each life some rain must fall - H.W. Longfellow

If you expect to see a rainbow, you will have to experience some rain. So why not learn to walk in the rain - it's there that you can cry without others knowing.


Just a thought said...

There are several good things about clouds and rain. One they do not last forever. Two the breeze of God will drive them away. Three they do clear the air so that we can see better. Four they do bring both growth and new birth.

Just my thoughts;

Carol Connell said...

I like the thoughts Mervi shared above. We've had loads of rain this week, but I have been blessed to see 4 beautiful rainbows.

I've also been blessed to have a wonderful song on my mind all week. It's a song that the choir used to sing up in Minnesota when I was in Bible college.

Till the storm passes over,
till the thunder sounds no more,
till the clouds roll back forever
from the sky,
hold me fast, let me stand
in the hollow of Your hand
keep me safe till the storm goes by.

Karen Hopper said...

Mervi & Carol,
Your thoughts are all-inspiring - a blog post in themselves. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Tena said...

Oh! Did you write this?! I LOVE it! Especially the second sentence. :-)