Friday, March 14, 2008

Arrived? Not Yet!

Life is so unpredictable. Just about the time we think we have most of the answers, a situation comes to say, "You've not yet arrived." The trick to understanding what is happening to us is in observing the absolutes of nature. God, in His plan, created many variations for us to observe and learn from - lowly valleys, towering mountains, powerful rivers, and meager streams. Each is set as an example. I enjoy observing nature and its creations and try to tie it to my life. The Lord truly made no mistakes in His creation. Often our days start in solitude and peace high on the mountain top, only to end in sorrow and pain deep within the valley.

Unfortunately, opposing experiences are not necessarily ones we go through once to never appear again. Sometimes, a lowly valley makes its way into our hearts a dozen times or more. You…me…have no guarantee of what will happen, when it will happen, and how many times. We are nothing more than a lesson of life.

Take the mountains with peaks rising endlessly into the heavens. A wonderful place, the mountain top - high above every care; but we can't stay there, for excessive days on the mountain top cause us to take our eyes off what's truly above and we start looking downward toward the valley. Ah, those valley experiences. Not an enjoyable place; but at our low points scouring the valley floor, we note every tiny bit of greenery, the small delicate flowers hidden behind the towering plants and bushes, and we delight in the chatty little brooks listening to their every chirp. Sometimes the valley floor is covered in fog and so damp and cold that we are numb; however, just about the time we think we'll perish, the sun peeks through, just enough to give us warmth to keep going. The valley is where our eyes behold hidden beauty, and our ears listen to every sound. Here, we create a friendship that will move our mountains and soothe our broken hearts. The valley rescues our souls from unknown harm - and unknown shame.

Believe it or not, the valley makes us better people. Strangely, at the end of our valley experience, a peace is often found - a peace not known to all, but gifted by an understanding God. It is here that we never walk alone for the God of Heaven walks beside us; and sometimes when the devastation settles, He is the only one there. Right? I am today what I am because of my valley walks. No, I don’t mean I am anything special, for I am not. However, because of the valley I know His voice and have a personal relationship with Him.

Have I arrived? No, Not Yet! - but I have a pretty good feel for the territory.


+Su said...


I like the wise way of your words.
I've been walking in many directions for the past few years. I had crossed forests, hills and desserts on this journey. Finally I found a huge mountain that looks like the greatest challenge I have ever faced. But this great obstacle had become a great teacher to me. I had fallen, I had been hurt, I have to stop a lot to think things twice. But you know what? It continues blessing me with opportunities to try again.
We're on the road. We've not arrived, yet.

DeadMule said...

Beautiful post, Karen. The mountaintop is wonderful, but we live to minister in the valley.

iluv2prshim said...

"In the Valley He restores my soul".

Kari said...

You really put things in perspective today! You are a wonderful writer.
Thanks for the post on my blog...I will post my garden pics soon I promise.

Jana Allard said...

What a beautiful post. I'm thankful to know where I am going.

P.S. I loved the pic on the post about your house being up to code. LOL Too cute.

Karen Hopper said...

Thank you for stopping by, and offering comment. We are definitely "on the road" to meet Him someday.

To "minister" is definitely part of the valley experience. PS: Have new laptop coming in Thursday, and when my computer man completes the installation and fixes my office PC, I will once again be able to leave comment to you. It is frustating not to be able to do so but I know what I did in error but don't know how to fix it.

He is definitely the Restorer.

Thank you for your kind comments. PS: I will be watching for those pics.

Isn't it wonderful to know that we Go Through the Valley - sometimes that's all we have in assurance. PS: Yes, the pic is something else. Would love to see that "estate" in person.

Tracie Smith said...

Incredible post!

Though mountains can be challenging think of the beautiful view we wouldn't see otherwise. Valleys can often seem lonely but again think of the beauty that can be found there. God does know what we need. Makes me think of Philippians 4:11 whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Karen Hopper said...

Yes, it's only at our lowest point that we truly see everything around us as beautiful. However, it is difficult at times to find contentment in such an environment.