Monday, January 7, 2008

Dreams Are More Than Fairy Castles

DREAMS - Ah the beauty of them. As a child, I dreamt of fairy castles, with halls of happiness and galleries of laughter. In my mind, PERFECTION was to be everywhere; however, life (also know as REALITY) had something else in mind.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us to quill one joyous occasion after another. How wonderful it would be to float on puffy clouds, a glass of ice-cold lemonade in hand, while sailing high above every one of life’s cares. Or enjoying a sumptuous feast prepared expressly for our taste buds, with no gratuity imposed, dishes to do, or portions classified as fattening – or obtaining a college degree without cracking a book, attending a class or taking a test. Dreams? Certainly they are! And dreams should be a part of our reality.

Reality has boundaries and limitations. It places barricades across the streets we wish to travel, and its detours seemingly going nowhere. Barricades and detours always seem to be situated where we experience despair, heartache, and pain. And when we hurt it is only natural to start dreaming - dreaming of a better day, a better job, a better place, better health, better financial support, and the list goes on. Why do we dream so often in adversity? Because we were originally the creation of perfection, and the Garden of Eden, via Adam, Eve and the consumption of the forbidden fruit voided any chance for earthly perfection - so we must dream of it. Here’s my written assessment of dreams.

Dreams are liberties freeing the extremities of constraint,
allowing us to perceive tomorrow as a better day.
Our concerns and pressures lost in the murmur of bliss.

Dreams are wings commissioning flights into sincerity,
issuing tickets to destinations of wondrous beauty.
Bravery gallantly soaring above our daily cares.

Dreams are passages merging the present with the past,
dismissing any acknowledgment of what is and what is not.
Reality mixing life's ingredients so as to satisfy our yearnings.

Dreams are gifts wrapped in magnificent papers,
showing off vibrant swirling patterns, with tags of gold.
Excitement stands in awe, making each package exceptional.

Dreams are visions perceived through eyes of faith,
revealing the fortitude and strength of one's character.
Allowing mankind the opportunity to touch the hem of Perfection.

Yes, dreams can be wonderful; that is, if God is in them. Today, I dream of a great in-gathering of souls, unity in purpose and spirit, streets of gold, gates of pearl, my name written in the Book of Life (and my dreams go on and on). Please dream with me, for someday in so doing, we will genuinely know perfection - and PERFECTION will preserve us forever.


Jana Allard said...

WOW! You are on a roll now! This is a fabulous post. I'm speechless. You truly brought dreams to life and I want to dream with you.

Karen Hopper said...

Jana, thank you so much. Was going to wait a few days to post it but it was burning inside. Glad it came across right as I was so afraid it wouldn't. Wow, how wonderful - I've found someone to "Dream" with me. Love ya.

Shannon said...

Ah...Just like what was preached on Sunday evening. "It's Time to Dream Again"

Beautifully articulated, Karen. :)

Yes, it is time to dream again.

Karen Hopper said...

Shannon, dreaming will take us to new heights in Him. I like you, am ready.